Friends are like four-leaf clovers...hard to find and lucky to have! Friends are like four-leaf clovers...hard to find and lucky to have! Friends are like four-leaf clovers...hard to find and lucky to have!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Madness!

Phew-ee! Where did this day go? I needed a few more hours to accomplish everything on my "list". I ran the after school math program after school today. When that was over I thought I better organize some of my piles so I worked in my room until Jen was done with practice at 5:00. We raced home and whipped up some dinner. I made macaroni and cheese with tuna fish in it. I think it sort of counts as a casserole...don't you? Blake whipped up some nachos to complete the meal. (Don't tell any dietician you may know what we served for dinner at our house.) While the macaroni was cooking I started a load of laundry and folded the load I did before school this morning.

After dinner I went out to plant my pots on the front porch. I went to Yellow Rose yesterday, bought the plants, and cleaned the pots out for some fresh foliage. I think I broke some world horticulture records tonight when I planted. I was a planting maniac. I probably should have slowed down a bit because when Blake moved them back to the porch, I noticed the trees were a little crooked. Oh well, just one good wind storm and they'll be vertical.

After cleaning up the planting mess I ran to Safeway because we were running low on some necessities. Blake can't function without his yogurt so we were in near crisis mode. I put the groceries away and thought I better sit for a second and plop my pictures on this blog before I start something new. I have some school work to do before morning. I have a meeting before school, have to teach band during my plan period, and then have a faculty meeting after school. (Amy...I know you don't miss this a bit;) My Gold Canyon order arrived today (thanks Stacy!!) so I am going to go sort through the boxes. I love to do that! The yummy scents make me feel happy! If I get a free minute tonight I might even play a little "Smoothie Moves" on Webkinz. (Yes I admit it...I love to play on the Webkinz site.)

Here's to a restful Tuesday!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Crafty Mustang Mom (& Dad)!

Mustang Pride!
My mom is very talented when it comes to crafty projects!

A few years ago she made this flag to show some Mustang spirit on game nights.

Last year mom and dad made these yard displays together. They made a set for Rich and one for us too! I used them at our class reunion this summer. They looked pretty cool along the river at the 4-Seasons River Inn.

Thanks for being awesome Mustang Parents!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Pizza Chef

This quarter Jenna is taking Family & Consumer Science as her elective. Last week they learned how to make pizza so she asked if she could make it for us at home. Of course I said yes! She made her shopping list and we went to the grocery store last night. Today (Friday, September 26th) I picked her up from volleyball and went to mom and dad's. She immediately started to work in the kitchen preparing dinner for us all. Jen made individual pizzas on flattened biscuits because the pizza dough mix we found was made in a "peanut place". We could have made the dough from scratch, but the biscuits were so much faster.

The pizzas were the yummiest ever! The best part was how proud Jen felt about preparing dinner for all of us "all by herself". We might have to make it a Friday night tradition.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fruit Salad (Yummy, Yummy!)

Okay...a couple of you asked me to post my "recipe" for Lauryn's soccer snacks. I'm slightly embarrassed to say that there really isn't one.

Lauryn made a list of fruit she wanted in the mix, I made a quick run to Safeway, and started cutting. Here is what was in the cups this time. (We tend to make them a little differently each time.) So here is my attempt at a recipe.

Combine the following fruit in a large bowl:
Mandarin Oranges

Layer with whipped topping or yogurt in a cup. (I used 16oz cups
with lids.)

There isn't much to these yummy treats and they are always a hit!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Time Flies When You're Havin' Fun!

Holy macaroni I'm pooped! Weekends seem to fly by because they are so busy. I sometimes wake up for work on Monday and seriously wonder where the time went. This weekend was packed full of fun...and it's not over yet!Friday we had a great night of bunko! Here is my score card after the first round. (The "L" stands for loss in case you're wonderin'.) I ended up winning the most bunkos and had a super duper hard time picking my prize because I wanted them all! That doesn't sound selfish does it? Amy was in charge of the prizes and they were awesome!

I picked the tin and magnets which were made by Amy and the lighted star that is on my mantle. The pictures don't do them any justice. They are so darn cute!
Lauryn had a game in the pouring rain today! I was dancing inside when the ref tooted his whistle and said the game was over. The girls weren't phased a bit. I am just not a big fan of the rain with my glasses on. I sure could have used some wipers today!!
Today was our day for snacks. I asked Lauryn what she wanted to bring and she said "the fruit cups we make and something to go with them." Well...let's just say I spent a fortune on out of season fruit and a bunch of time cutting it. I got up at 6:30 on a Saturday to cut pineapple. Man...what we do for our kids. It's a good thing I love them!!!!

Saturday after soccer was a day to celebrate birthdays! Jenna had a birthday party for her friend, Sabrina, at 2:00. I picked her up from that party and both girls went to a birthday party for our neighbor girl Denise. We ended our day celebrating Rowyn's 1st birthday!

Happy 1st Birthday Rowyn!!!!

Miss Rowyn's mommy bought her a beautiful dress to wear for her party! Doesn't she look adorable?

William loved "driving" Rowyn's new car!

Grandma Carrie with Will and Papa Donn with Josiah.

Bailee, Harley, Jenna, and Lauryn taking a little break from the birthday bash!

Yum...It's Time For Cake!

Thanks for letting us help you celebrate your first birthday Rowyn! Tell your mommy, Grandma Carrie, and Papa Donn that they know how to throw a great 1st birthday bash!

Monday, September 8, 2008

A Sunny Sunday in Seattle!

We stayed at a great hotel (Hilton Garden Inn) in Issaquah on Saturday night. I kind of get grossed out at hotels because I'm just never quite sure if the housekeepers really clean the sheets, vaccuum, etc.. This place had white duvet covers (unlike the multi-color floral or patterned stain hiding comforters at most hotels) that are washed for each new guest. The rooms had a flat screen TV and the most comfortable office chair. I actually worked on homework until 11:30 and didn't have any back or neck pain. That is totally amazing for those of you that know the struggle I've been having with that. There is a card in the room that gives a website to purchase the chairs. We all made bets on how much the chair is.

Lauryn: $30.00-$50.00

Jenna: $150.00

Lolli: $199.99

Blake: $349.00

Well unfortunately Blake was the closest. The chair was regular $920 but was offered to Hilton customers for $704.89. (Good deal huh?) Here it is! It's a beauty! I love to shop on the internet so now I'm on a mission. I will find this chair for a much lower price. (Positive thinking works...right?)

The girls had a great time in the hotel's pool. It was small but just right for them. Blake and I sat and visited while the girls made up a synchronized swimming routine. I don't think they made it all the way through once (and we watched it over and over and over) without stopping to laugh.
Another fine synchronized swimming maneuver.
Ta Da!
Careful Lauryn...a train's coming!
I hear the train a comin''s rollin' 'round the bend.

I just realized what a slow learner I am. I kept thinking "Why do they have a pig in front of Qwest Field? How stupid is that? They should have a Seahawk out here...not a pig." Well duh Lolli. The whole pigskin thing is just coming. I'm feeling pretty bright right now. At least I understood the 12.

"Hi. My name is Blake and I'm a Rockstar-aholic"

Blake loves his Diet Rockstar! We had to run to get a picture of him drinking his Rockstar next to the RedBull car before the light turned green. Wouldn't that little car be fun to cruise around in? Well...maybe not.

Jen and Lauryn outside of Qwest Field. It's too bad their mom isn't a better photographer!

We had the best time even though it was a quick trip. It's amazing how refreshing it was!

Family Fun...Mariners Style!

This past Saturday we headed over the mountains after soccer. We had the opportunity to hit a Mariners game on Sunday and jumped at the chance. Jen and Willie Bloomquist.
I've always liked Willie and he is a favorite of my dad's. He looks so much like my cousin Heath that it's almost creepy.

Lauryn & Ichiro
Lauryn decided to smile next to Ichiro before the game. We took bunches of pictures before we entered the stadium.
We were so lucky to be able to watch the Mariners beat the Yankees on a beautiful sunny day. It is so hard to explain the atmosphere to those that have only watched a game on T.V.. It's a blast! If you go just make sure to plan on things being a tad more expensive than you expect. We are so spoiled over here. It blows my mind that we have to pay $35 to park our vehicle in a super narrow parking space. Blake and Lauryn ran up to get 2 fries and 4 pops and came back with $35 less dollars. It's all worth it though...part of the Safeco experience.
All smiles...yep we're having fun! That girl behind us drove us nuts though. Her boyfriend was one of the cotton candy vendors and she was soooo annoying. Every time I looked back she was taking a picture of herself with her phone and trying to look sexy. I wanted to let her know that no matter how hard she wasn't happenin'. Every time A-Rod came up to bat the crowd booed. She would scream a shrieky "A-Rod, A-Rod" just to be a rebel.
We had great seats! They were 13 rows up from the field between 1st base and Ichiro...I mean right field. It seemed like a bazillion balls were hit into the crowd around us but none right in our section. It's a good thing because a lot of the time I was spacing off people watching.

Poor Jen! She woke up with a sore throat and I told her it was probably allergies. We stopped at a grocery store in Issaquah and bought some allergy medicine. Well Dr. Mom mis-diagnosed because it did absolutely nothing for her. As the day progressed so did the bug that attacked her. She felt like a big pile of @#$% by the end of the game. She is such a trooper though. Here she is with her 1st pack of tissues.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Soccer Saturdays!

Well...our Saturdays are officially filled until we take a break from basketball in December. Lauryn is in 3rd grade so her games have moved from Thursdays to Saturdays. Jen decided to give soccer another try (hasn't played since 1st grade) and her games are on Saturdays too. Most weekends we'll be able to watch both girls.

This past Saturday the Lower Valley Youth Soccer league had their fall jamboree. Jenna and Lauryn each had two games. was rough sitting in a lawn chair all day;

During the first game (at 8:00 a.m. on a Saturday) the snack mom brought orange slices for half-time and donuts for after the game. Yummers!Notice how many girls were listening to the coach during his half-time pep talk. Everyone knows that you can't eat orange wedges and listen...hello!!
This is a peppy group of girls. They have a team cheer that they must do before the start of each half. I'm sure the other teams are absolutely terrified of our soccer pep squad. They are so darn cute and were having a blast!
Here's Lauryn after her 1st game. They won...yippee!

I'm really not a bad mom but I only have one picture of Jen. Her age group moves faster than my old camera. It was only like 175 degrees out too! Her team had two games back-to-back in the heat of the day. I felt so bad for her after the second game. She came and sat down and started crying. Jen isn't a cryer so I was a little concerned. I asked her what was wrong and she said she had a blister. We took off her shoes and she was wrong. She didn't have a blister, she had many blisters. I felt so bad for her! Luckily Julaine had a first-aid kit in her car and she came to the rescue. She cut all the hanging skin (I am a gagger and couldn't do it) off and put some healing ointment on it. Thank You Julaine!!!!