Friends are like four-leaf clovers...hard to find and lucky to have! Friends are like four-leaf clovers...hard to find and lucky to have! Friends are like four-leaf clovers...hard to find and lucky to have!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hip Hip Hooray It's Family Vacation!

We LOVE Lincoln City!!

We go every summer to relax.

Lauryn had a tummy bug the day before we left but felt okay on departure day. Well...she woke up on the first morning there throwing up again. Poor kid didn't feel too hot for the first few days. This is how she spent her first day of vacation.

Here is Papa keeping Lauryn company as she hangs out near the toilet with an upset tummy.

The girls are doing the annual "picture on a log".

Lauryn bought a two-handle kite and had a blast with it.

Oohh..look how far Blake got his kite off the ground. ;)

Jen taking a stroll along the shore.

Jen and Lauryn enjoying the hot tub on our deck.

The past two years Lauryn has blown a glass float. She gets to choose her colors and work through the whole process. This year my dad told jokingly said she was the state glass blowing champ and some people thought he was serious. They sat and watched her in awe. It was pretty funny!

Jen chose to just watch the glass blowing. She wants to make a starfish paperweight next year though.

We woke up one morning to this "RV for Rent" stuck in the sand on the beach below us. It was pretty comical watching them try to get it out. I wonder if he got his damage deposit back?

It's a good thing Blake convinced me it was a great idea to take the pickup instead of the Tahoe. We tend to do a little...okay a lot...of shopping at the outlet mall. It may have been a cozy ride home.


Stacy said...

How fun! Looks like you had amazing weather. Glad Laryn got feeling better. Hey, your dad and I have matching cars...looks like a Chevy Malibu LTZ?!!! Tell him he is very cool! Miss you my friend! Hope your summer is going well. Knee deep in lunches, dinners and extra kids!

Ali said...

Wow, Lolli, it looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I do feel bad for poor Lauryn, though...tummy bugs STINK! Love the comment about Blake not getting his kite off the're so funny. :)

Cami said...

Looks like fun except for Lauryn sick. What a trooper. Great pics and love the glass blowing pics. Awesome!